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Even with the best intentions, many individuals just can’t seem to find the time necessary to effectively manage their investments. And for those few that do find the time, decisions are often made without adequate research of both the investment itself, and how this investment will compliment - or conflict - with existing holdings. If you find yourself struggling with these decisions, you’ll be interested in the portfolio management services offered by The Willms Group.

Available for investment accounts with values of $500,000 or more in assets, our active portfolio management service will take over the day-to-day management of your investment portfolio. As part of this service, The Willms Group will provide:

Portfolio design, construction, and implementation based on your investment goals and risk tolerance.
Security trading as necessary to remain consistent with client objectives, directed through the broker of your choice.
Tax efficient investment decision-making.

As part of our active portfolio management service, each month you will receive:

Summary statements of your security holdings showing quantity held, costs, current value, and unrealized gains/losses showing all holdings, their values, and gains or losses.
A detailed listing of all security transactions that have occurred in your account.
Tax-accounting statements identifying investment income received including realized gains or losses, dividend, or interest income.
Summary statements showing portfolio diversification and asset allocation.
Performance statements of your investment portfolio.

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