Investment Record Keeping Service
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We recognize that many investors are too busy to keep accurate investment records. This lack of organization often leads to an unwillingness to make a new start, along with inadequate and poor investment decision making.

We also recognize that investors who understand what they own, and why they own what they do, are much better investors. With this in mind, The Willms Group provides personalized investment record keeping. Our goal is to help you get organized, helping you to understand what you own, while leading you to better investment decisions.

Our experience as investment advisors, and as developers of a globally utilized investment management software program, provides us with the unique skills to accomplish this task. Using the nationally acclaimed BetterInvesting Portfolio Manager investment management and record keeping software, we will organize and reconcile your investment records:

Record security transactions (purchases, sales, dividends) for your current investment holdings gathered from your statements, confirms, or other available sources.

Research and record historical transactions that have affected your current security balances including stock splits, spin-offs, mergers, etc.

Provide summary accounting statements of your security holdings showing quantity held, costs, current value, and unrealized gains/losses.
Provide tax-accounting statements showing investment income received including realized gains or losses, dividend, or interest income.
Provide summary statements showing asset allocation, portfolio diversification, common stock diversification by industry and size and mutual fund diversification by investment objective.
Provide performance statements of your investment portfolio.
Provide your investment information on a data disk for optional use with the investment software program BetterInvesting Portfolio Manager.

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