Investment Advisory Service
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Many investors don’t have the needed investment education to make sound long-term investment decisions. They find themselves overwhelmed when deciding on how to best match their profit expectations with their risk tolerance.

For those investors seeking investment advice in addition to record keeping, The Willms Group provides objective Fee Only investment advisory services. Our years of investment experience, coupled with multiple sources of information including corporate reports, third party research, Internet-based investment tools, and sophisticated investment software, provide us with the tools and techniques to keep clients focused on long-term investment goals. And, knowing that we are experienced fee only investment managers, you can rest assured that our objective advice is offered without conflict of interest. Simply stated, we work for you.

We’ll help you to build portfolios that match your risk tolerance, while focusing on your long-term investment goals. The hourly consulting we provide includes portfolio analysis, security selection, retirement account reviews, and annual portfolio checkups.

Objective and personalized security analyses and recommendations based on fundamental and quantitative research tools.

Individualized portfolio construction based on investment goals and risk tolerance.
Portfolio asset allocation and diversification analysis.
Quarterly, semi-annual, or annual rebalancing decisions for taxable or retirement accounts to match current allocation weightings with benchmark target allocations.
Tax efficient investment decision-making.
Performance measurement and analysis to identify what changes, if any, are necessary to meet long-term performance goals.

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